I’ve seen the same question twice in a row. Why?

Questions are selected completely randomly. It happens.

My high score didn’t show up?

Only quizzes with the range of “All” are included in the high scores list.

Can I reset my high scores?

Yes. An option to reset the high scores is in your device’s Settings App under KanaDrills. Note that if you have iCloud syncing enabled, this will reset scores on all other devices that have iCloud syncing enabled.

Why aren’t my scores syncing on my devices?

Scores sync on all devices with iCloud syncing turned on and that use the same iCloud account. Make sure:

  1. iCloud syncing is enabled for KanaDrills on each device by going to the settings for KanaDrills in your devices’ Settings App.
  2. iCloud is turned on for all devices.
  3. Your devices are connected to the internet.

Note that high scores may take a few minutes to show up on another device. For iCloud-specific troubleshooting, see Apple’s support document.

Why doesn’t your app have sounds, or show you how to write the characters, or offer more options?

KanaDrills was meant to do one thing extremely well: master the kana characters using drills, similar to flash cards. In our opinion, the best way to learn the characters in the first place is the old tried-and-true pencil and paper method.

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